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Building relationships through conversation.

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It doesn’t matter how talented you are or how willing you are to improve, if you can’t build genuine relationships you may never reach your full potential as a leader.

Investing time into regular and genuine conversations with staff is critical to developing the relationships required for a high performing workplace.

Once we genuinely trust and respect each other, we then allow ourselves to engage in regular, honest dialogue about individual and team performance, and increase our capacity to deliver.

DLSpro prompts and assists leaders to regularly meet with staff and engage in honest dialogue about individual and leader success as well as recognising outstanding team members.

With training and support delivered by industry experts Leading Teams included as part of the subscription, DLSpro will assist organisations understand the link between an ongoing review process and continuous improvement, as well as supporting managers on their journey to becoming better leaders.

Download DLSpro flyer

Download DLSpro training flyer

Performance reviews: Get rid of them

This outdated corporate ritual damages the relationship between bosses and their subordinates, forces employees to be dishonest and hurts business performance.

I see performance reviews as a curse. They claim to be objective, but one person’s view of another can be no more objective than a film critic’s review of a movie. At the same time, they inhibit workers from speaking truth to power, for fear that their truth will come back in a review to haunt them in being labelled difficult.

Sydney Morning Herald, 18 February 2015
Samuel Culbert.

Includes content from: Get Rid of the Performance Review! How Companies Can Stop Intimidating, Start Managing 
- and Focus on What Really Matters 
by Samuel Culbert & Lawrence Rout


In summary: Traditional Performance Reviews, as long-cycle top-down processes, encourage false communication and very rarely achieve positive outcomes. They should be replaced by regular conversations where leaders and staff are codependent.

Authentic dialogue

Authentic dialogue is a lifelong work that begins with the choice to open ourselves up to our own life and experience and to stop hiding who we really are from ourselves and others... it’s learning to speak truthfully even when afraid. Authentic dialogue, therefore, brings us face to face with the choice to move through life either in a manipulative or authentic posture.

Mastering Leadership. The Leadership Circle.
by Bob Anderson

Characteristics of the very best workplaces.

Trust between managers and employees is the primary defining characteristic of the  very best workplaces. 

Trust: The Key to Enhanced Performance and Accelerated Recovery.
Great Place to Work Institute, 2010.

Executive relationships

If companies were more effective in helping executives handle their relationships through difficult times, they would see the company’s productivity soar.

‘Making Relationships Work’
The Harvard Business Review article, 2007