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One Critical Step for Developing Managers into Leaders.

One Critical Step for Developing Managers into Leaders.


If a strategy for building a foundation of good management is not in place, it will be near impossible for an organisation to develop their managers into leaders.

In every organisation there are managers who take their authority for granted and believe that they should be respected based on their popularity or where they sit on an organisational chart. Being respected is not about an individual’s title or how much they are liked. It is consistent and fair management that earns respect.

We know that when managers manage well, respect is gained by their subordinate staff, irrespective of likeability.  Having respect is the cornerstone of an effective manager and a critical element for that manager becoming a leader and contributing to a high-performance workplace.  

Respected managers and leaders have higher performing workplaces – you know it!

Building effective leaders can only occur on a strong foundation of management.

Thinking honestly about your organisation, how skilled are your managers at managing?


Are they truly respected?