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Buzz-ER congratulates MyBudget on their nomination as a finalist in the Australian HR Awards category

MyBudget on their nomination as a finalist in the Australian HR Awards category for Best HR Technology Strategy

Finalist: Best HR Technology Strategy

The Australian HR Awards recognise and highlight the outstanding achievements of those at the forefront of the industry best practice and leadership.

“Buzz-er is absolutely thrilled that MyBudget and their HR team has been recognised for their commitment to using EMSpro as part of their strategy to continuously improve workplace culture” said Ashleigh Smith, Director of Buzz-ER.  “MyBudget has harnessed the full power of our innovative digital system to create time efficiencies, upskill their managers and impact real workplace change. They have set the benchmark for how organisations can use cloud-based technologies like EMSpro to successfully manage and build high-performance work forces through employee engagement and leadership building.”

Kerry Dodson, Manager Human Resources at MyBudget went on to say, “EMSpro has enabled MyBudget to foster and develop a high-performance team culture, equipping our leadership team with the skills and knowledge to manage employee issues, as and when they arise, and increase their confidence when conducting employee meetings. EMSpro has ensured our organisation has a consistent approach to the management of employees and establishes accountability in our leaders”

About Buzz-ER

Buzz-ER is an innovation driven, online software developer for employers. Our pro-active and re-active products deliver process driven solutions to assist organisations manage and build high-performance work forces through employee engagement and leadership building.

Unlike other software providers or ‘HR solutions’ which are limited to information storage, template documents and manual flowcharts or guides, Buzz-ER provides completely dynamic work-flow systems that are continually updated by our Industry Experts in response to changes in the relevant legislation and/or industry best practice.


About EMSro

EMSpro is a unique ‘cloud-based’ system developed to support HR and upskill front-line managers, empowering them to successfully manage employee behaviour and performance. Content is continually updated by Industry Experts according to ever-changing workplace legislation, reducing your risk of expensive employee claims, prosecutions, and fines for breaching workplace laws

EMSpro manages workplace investigations, misconduct, poor performance, complaints, counselling, warnings and termination of employment. 


About MyBudget

MyBudget is widely recognised as Australia’s leader in personal budgeting and debt management services, having assisted over 500,000 Australians to clear their debt, pay their bills on time and save money for the future.

The evolution of EMSpro is a great Australian success story. 15 years ago, a South Australian based Industrial Relations firm designed and developed the first version of EMS as a dynamic, award winning PDF in response to an obvious need to support employers who were struggling with the management of employee issues.

Six years ago, Buzz-ER was established to focus purely on online product delivery for employers. While Buzz-ER’s current suite of products including EMSpro have evolved significantly, and their client base has expanded across the nation, their business remains focussed on their core purpose – building processes that help employers manage better.