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How It Works

We enable. You lead.

Intuitive software designed to enhance the management of human resources, employment relations and workplace safety issues.

Buzz-ER products are very different

Buzz-ER systems are NOT templates or libraries of documents and policies for downloading.  We offer cloud based, intuitive, always up to date interactive workflows to make difficult HR, IR and WHS processes simple. With a flexible hierarchy of real time reports available so that top level management can see what is happening in the business – ensures no more surprises!

Reporting across industries

Subscribers to Buzz-ER products have the ability to share anonymous data across their industry allowing them to measure their performance against other industry specific organisations, or those who are of similar size.

Customisation and control

Buzz-ER products allow organisations to customise the workflow, the system information, user assistance tools, data captured, reporting modules and output documents to suit the individual organisations processes and systems. 

Training and support

Buzz-ER products are much more than just an online systems. Each subscription has been carefully designed to support best practice outcomes and includes features such as training, help guides (tips) throughout, webinars, how to videos and internal ‘ask help’ button as part of each product subscription.

Expert updates

The support and knowledge base that underpins all Buzz-ER product development, client advice and training is provided by experienced industry experts in the relevant field.

All Buzz-ER products are supported during business hours by the Buzz-ER Support Team.

More questions?

Click on the link below to find out more about Buzz-ER processes. If you have any queries that are not addressed in the FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us.