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Southern Cross Care (SA&NT)

Helping people access the Australian Government’s home care packages, and to live better in your own home.

“Consistency, Autonomy, Accountability”
Michelle Drake
Group Manager, Human Resources

Prior to EMSpro

Can you describe the business culture and challenges that the managers, staff and business were experiencing?

Lack of confidence to manage staff performance formally therefore often performance drifted. Process was not tight and may have restricted achieving desired industrial outcome.

From a HR perspective, where was the majority of HR time spent?

As the Aged Care Sector continually changes so do the expectations of our staff. A focus on managing performance is part of the approach to changing the culture.


What type of training did you engage in, and do you think the investment in the EMSpro training was worthwhile?

We engaged in full day IDM training, extra IDM courses & Webinars and the investment was worthwhile.

Impact / Change

How long have you been using EMSpro and how does it help your business achieve its goals?

We have used EMSpro and its previous version for approximately 8 years. Staff performance and conduct is better aligned to our values and providing optimal services and care to our residents.

How has EMSpro impacted/improved your managers your manager's capabilities?

Managers are much more competent, confident and autonomous, there is a much greater understanding of the industrial processes and risks and the need to get it right for the interests of all. Increased accountability, ownership, autonomy, procedure fairness and consistency.

Describe how the organisation's culture has changed since implementing EMSpro?

Alignment with values of the organisation. An ongoing journey as the sector changes and the requirements of our staff changes.

What is your advice to other organisations that might be considering EMSpro?

EMSPro is a critical tool to assist managers get the best out of their staff.