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City of Playford

The City of Playford is a local government area of South Australia in Adelaide's northern suburbs.

“Effective, Detailed and Centralised.”
Paula Paterson
Organisational Development Specialist
City of Playford

Prior to EMSpro

Can you describe the business culture and challenges that the managers, staff and business were experiencing?

Prior to EMSPro we had inconsistency across the organisation and managers were not confident to manage. There was a lack of structure and no consistent process for managers to follow.

From a HR perspective, where was the majority of HR time spent?

Trying to put out spot fires


What type of training did you engage in, and do you think the investment in the EMSpro training was worthwhile?

The knowledge managers get from the training is invaluable. The facts are clear and the myths are put to rest. It gives managers the confidence to manage the tough stuff, understand the legal requirements and how they can personally be impacted.

Impact / Change

How has EMSpro impacted/improved your managers your manager's capabilities?

Provides a clear structure giving consistency to managers and all employees. Managers make more file notes in the system. From a risk perspective having the history of staff and their issues is a huge improvement when new managers start. Our managers can easily use the search function for issues, rather than trying to search through hard copies or our internal servers.

Describe how the organisation's culture has changed since implementing EMSpro?

Huge cultural change as employees realised that we manage their behaviour and performance now. Biggest cultural change has been with the field staff.

How does it help your business achieve its goals?

EMSPro allows us to record cases and a history of performance management across the organisation and provide reporting to managers on the performance management statistics within their teams/departments and business unit.

Have you been able to measure/report on any improvements in employee performance and behaviour?

There has been an increase in productivity, decrease in bullying & harassment and an improvement in field staff behaviours. EMSpro shows you the areas of the business that are actually managing (which can be varied) and helps us understand where we need to provide further support and education/training.

What is your advice to other organisations that might be considering EMSpro?

Do it! It makes performance management so much easier for you as a HR Partner and as a Manager. You won’t regret it.