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City of Mitcham

The City of Mitcham is a local government area in the foothills of southern Adelaide, South Australia.

“We Love It”
Marnie Saunders
Business Partner People and Culture
City of Mitcham

Prior to EMSpro

Can you describe the business culture and challenges that the managers, staff and business were experiencing?

Managers were not dealing with matters until they became a crisis (too hard, uncomfortable, limited experience in people matters, complicated procedures).

From a HR perspective, where was the majority of HR time spent?

Putting out spot fires, assisting with performance management. Little time left for strategy.


What type of training did you engage in, and do you think the investment in the EMSpro training was worthwhile?

The full day training was excellent and gave leaders a good understanding of why it’s better to tackle the little things and not “save them up”, as well as opening their eyes to the liability and damage caused by not properly dealing with matters (if at all).

Impact / Change

How has EMSpro impacted/improved your managers your manager's capabilities?

Noticeable improvement with managers confidence in dealing with low level matters. Some will do the work in EMS and check with HR to make sure they are on the right track before they proceed, which again builds their confidence.

Describe how the organisation's culture has changed since implementing EMSpro?

Just starting to notice some changes, have only been using the system for 12 months but there is a greater willingness to deal with staff issues now.

How does EMSpro help your business achieve its goals?

Managers are now more willing to tackle the small issues immediately and still seek assistance from HR to tackle bigger issues using EMSpro

Have you been able to measure/report on any improvements in employee performance and behaviour?

Staff surveys have indicated that a noticeable shift in dealing with poor performers is being appreciated by staff and contributing to a culture shift.

What is your advice to other organisations that might be considering EMSpro?

For the time and money spent on getting advice and assistance in dealing with staff matters, EMSpro has saved us both and is changing the culture. Poor performance or behavior is now dealt with promptly.