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How will the Buzz-in-a-Box suite of products benefit your association?


Better networked environments and the ease of online knowledge sharing, has changed the roles of professional associations. Associations must broaden their offering to remain relevant. If your members don’t get it from you, where will they get it from?


Enhance and separate your association’s value proposition from competitors. Each day your members are making choices based on perceived value.

Promoting professional standards in the interests of your members (and public) is an opportunity to rediscover your core purpose.


To assist with ‘self-service’ within organisations, we design and deliver products that develop and up-skill managers. Delivering ongoing professional development opportunities to your members in the form of training, communications, advice and products, is essential to keep them engaged and at forefront of change and innovation in your industry.


Offer your members the products, training and advice that will help protect them, increase their knowledge and enhance their day-to-day business operations.

Make it all very easy to access. Deliver real value.


Many businesses are embracing technology and transforming faster than you are. This presents an opportunity to lead the way in responding to changes in service delivery brought about by new technologies. By leading the way with technology, your association can play a pivotal part in shaping a positive future for your members while ensuring you also remain relevant.