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We enable. You lead.

Buzz-ER is an innovation driven, online software developer for employers.

Our proactive and reactive products are designed to be easily customised to suit business needs while enhancing the management of human resources, industrial relations and workplace safety issues.


Tools designed to develop leaders, improve employee behaviour and enhance your workforce.


Responsive tools that manage, investigate, report and protect your business from possible claims.

Unlike other software providers or ‘HR solutions’ which are limited to information storage, template documents and manual flowcharts or guides, Buzz-ER provides completely dynamic work-flow systems that are continually updated by our Industry Experts in response to changes in the relevant legislation and/or industry best practice.

All Buzz-ER products come with unlimited technical support from our Australian based help desk.


Where it started

In response to an obvious need to support employers who were struggling with the management of employee issues, EMA Consulting built the first version of EMS in 2003. The process was developed into a dynamic, award winning Adobe PDF document.

The Buzz-ER evolution

Buzz-ER was established in 2012 by the Directors of EMA Consulting to focus purely on online product delivery for employers.  As part of the process of moving into the 'cloud', our products went through a massive technical and innovation evolution. Buzz-ER continues to innovate and build dynamic, process driven products that support employers.